Hieroglyphics Springs – February 2011

My first post describes my hike along the Hieroglyphics Springs Trail in the Superstition Mountains on Feb. 13. I haven’t made this hike in about a decade. Lots of improvements have been made such as directional signs to the trail head at each turn along the weaving roads of Gold Canyon, and a fully functional parking lot at the trail head. Plus there are many more hikers, of course!

Chuck, Molly and I in front of the forest service sign

Not always do you see a clear, warm winter’s view from the Superstition’s foot; we got lucky that day — very clear and sunny!

Getting to the hieroglyphs at the end of the trail early, we avoided much of the crowd who visit most Sundays. Many of the rock-writings are still in tact, but some more recent scribblings have been added, unfortunately.

A few wildlife sights along the way:

Small rock overhang near the end of this trail:

Even horse and rider make it up the trail, which can be very rocky in places, but for the most part, it’s an easy, gradual climb to the hieroglyphs.

I’d recommend this short day hike for both kids and seniors, and anyone vacation in the Phoenix area. For more details about the hike, please visit hikearizona.com


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