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Let’s face it: Summer driving in Arizona deserts can wreak havoc on our vehicles, temperament and wallet. Once again I have compiled some hot weather driving prevention measures, safety precautions and travel tips from which we can all benefit:

Car check. The best time to “summerize” your vehicle was probably back in April, before the temperatures soar above 100 degrees. But if you’re just getting around to it; don’t forget to:

  • inspect your tires for wear and proper pressure. (Don’t forget the spare tire too!)
  • flush radiator and add new coolant
  • check your battery (Arizona heat allows a battery life of about two years — if you’re lucky!)
  • replace windshield wipers (It’s easy to forget about doing anything with wipers until the first heavy monsoon rain.)
  • check oil condition, level and filters
  • replace air filter
  • fix windshield dings and cracks, or replace windshield if necessary (you know how these grow and expand during extended freeway driving)

Emergency car kit. You probably should carry these items year-round, but they are especially important if you plan a motor vacation. Include:

  • duct tape
  • black electrical tape
  • flashlight with fresh batteries
  • jumper cables
  • safety vest
  • tow rope
  • water for radiator
  • flares
  • cell phone and auto or solar charger
  • first aid kit with motion sickness pills (for the passengers in back)
  • umbrella, hat and sunblock (in case you breakdown in an unshaded area)
  • drinking water and nonperishable food items (crackers, nuts – items that won’t melt)
  • car towels, rags for handling clean ups
  • “Ove Glove” for handling hot surfaces like the steering wheel
  • windshield shade (so you won’t need to use the aforementioned Ove Glove)

Avoid distractions. Keep kids busy with activity packets and travel games. Stow away cell phones or allow use by passengers only! Absolutely no texting or phone calls while driving! Load those DVDs for the backseat,  “Radar Love” travel tunes and audio books BEFORE you start driving.

Navigation aids: GPS, maps, itineraries, etc. (Don’t throw away those paper maps yet! They can still be used as backups.) Get the latest road trip travel apps and updates for your iPhone or Android. Find out how to access the current highway construction locations and roadway conditions? Call 5-1-1 in Arizona or visit the Arizona Dept. of Transportation website.

Other important stuff: Never leave home without: driver’s license, car insurance papers, automobile club identification card, credit cards, passports for driving outside the US. Plus, keep photocopies of all these documents in a separate location.

More driving vacation resources and information:

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3. Information about motorist Freeway Services from Arizona Dept. of Public Safety.

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5. Great info on a variety of motoring topics from the forum page at Roadtrip America.

Readers: This is just a partial list of road trip packing lists, driving necessities and services. What’s on your list?


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